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The Empty Space You Used to Fill

Expectations were set way too high. I was always told you were supposed to protect me. But people never told me that you could do the exact opposite.

I was warned after the breakup it would be an agonizing healing process, but something in me would not let you get the satisfaction of bringing me down.

This isn’t your typical breakup filled with tears and sleepless nights. I had been advised the pain would be so unbearable I would struggle with getting back in the swing of things. Some people even told me I would wish I never cut you out of my life.

Sure, there were a few times I found myself unable to speak because your loss made it too difficult, but through it all, I knew I would come out better in the end.

And I did. I have a voice now and I have never felt so free.

There is a void of where you used to be in my life. It’s a reminder of my independence though. A reminder that I don’t need you to protect me from the bacteria of others. When I look at the empty space you have left behind, I will forever think how much better I am without you and your constant effort to always hold me back.

It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders… or out of my mouth I should say.


On a very serious note, BIG thank you to my mom for being the best nurse ever the past two weeks and everyone else who helped along the way. Never let something hold you back from doing you and living life, whether it be a person or just your tonsils 😉


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