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Unusually warm weather this winter

EAST LANSING – Leave the parka and winter boots at home. They have not been necessary the past few weeks in mid-Michigan.

Although it is mid-February, the weather feels like spring. The typical Michigan winter of snow and ice is nowhere to be found as people enjoy the unusually warm weather.

Colin Motherway, Michigan State freshman, remembers his college visit in April of 2016. He thinks the climate change from last year to this year is drastic.

Motherway said, “It (the weather) was pretty terrible. It was cold, probably 30 degrees and snowing both days I was here. I expected it to be pretty cold throughout the entire winter this year.”

Another Michigan State freshmen, Tristan Tongue, recalls his February 2016 college visit being extremely cold. This year he has no complaints about the forecast.

Tongue has been taking advantage of the warm weather by biking and hanging out with friends on the lawn of Brody neighborhood.

Bryn Nagel, another MSU student, enjoys the weather by walking to class instead of using the bus and lounging in the sun doing homework with her friends.

Nagel said, “When it is sunny out, it puts me in a better mood.” Nagel said the warm weather makes it easier for her to get her work done. She is not the only one who delights in the recent forecast.

One student, Kody Birtles, dressed in shorts and a bright, mint green shirt describes the weather as, “happiness.”

Birtles is on his way to class but plans to take advantage of the warm weather later in the day, “I plan to get some boys together and play some pick-up basketball around the courts. Maybe toss the old pigskin around.”

All over campus, people are doing just the same as these students. The bike paths are filling up and sunny spots near the Red Cedar are consumed with people basking in the warmth in case the temperature drops again.

Michigan weather has a reputation of quickly changing from one extreme to the other. Maybe it is best not to put the parka and winter boots too far away. Snow may be in the forecast for tomorrow.

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